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Tuesday Freebie 14/8


Hilary Locke

Tuesday Freebie 14/8

Blickling is a "stately home" in Norfolk. The estate was once owned by the Boleyn family (Ann Bolelyn was on of Henry VIII wives) but she would not have known this house. I enjoyed using the freebie - the strong colours seemed to me to work well with the jewel-like colours of the flowers in the main photo. TFL

BMU_Countryside_Beads-Red, leaves

    A beautiful page! Great photos.
    I like how you used the freebie, with the flowers curved around them. Great blending on the main photo too.
    Beautiful photo and blending and I love how you used the freebie - times three! :)
    I like the repeated frame down the side and the colors to go great with the flowers and the stone home. Beautiful blending of the gardens!
    Beautiful blending of that pretty photo. Great use of the frames on the side. Wonderful page.
    It's a wonderful page and I love the photos and how you framed the smaller ones with the freebie. Great blending too. Thanks for taking part in the challenge!
    So beautiful. I, too, like the way you framed the photos with the freebie (outstanding photos, by the way.) I like the way you arranged the flowers around your pics and especially like the red dots that brings your eye from top photo to the bottom. Well done.
    Beautiful photos. I love how you used the freebie. Lovely layout.