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8/13 Left Side Photo(s) - Brotherly Love

Whenever the boys dressed up, I naturally had to take their pictures. On this day, I thought David and John looked so cute I asked them to give each other a hug. They gave me this adorable pose.


A New Day by Jen Reed; Fonts: Veteran Typewriter, Pea Luv-2-Scrapbook


© &copy Sue Maravelas

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What a sweet, sweet photo and genuinely loving hug! I love it! I really like the touches of red in your layout - and the chicken wire adds the perfect touch!

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They are too cute giving hugs! I like your use and effect of the wire, stripes and offset frame with your border. Great layout.

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Awwww.... This is so sweet and your boys look so cute! I like how you framed the photo in red so it pops even more and I really like your background and all the pieces you so creatively put together. Wonderful page. :)

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Aww, and now they are all grown up! What a wonderful memory you captured. I love that picture. I am so drawn to this LO with the colors you've chosen. Perfect mix of earthy with the dark red and green, and nice touch of blue. The wire fence looks just right in the scene. Great work on this page!

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