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HNC 5 photos - Stefan

HNC 5 photos - Stefan

I am so proud of Stefan. He is only 10 yrs old and is a qualified scuba diver.
ABR_Event09_SSDL-AlbSer7_PG1; CRO_ShabbyShores_CM_Paper2; CRO_ShabbyShores_CM_Paper3;CRO_ShabbyShores_CM_Paper6

CRO_ShabbyShores_CM_Emb_Pelican; CRO_ShabbyShores_CM_Emb_Anchor; CRO_ShabbyShores_CM_Emb_Stumps1

CRO_ShabbyShores_CM_Emb_Buoy1; CRO_ShabbyShores_CM_Emb_Coral; SBA Basic Shadows6501

    Wow, that is some amazing accomplishment - big congratulations to Stefan! I like your great photos and how you arranged them and used the larger one as a background. I also REALLY like all your beach embellishments and framing. Super page, Belle! :)
    Wonderful Achievement. Love the way you placed your photos and the stitching. Great embellishments too.
    This is a page Stefan will treasure as it documents his outstanding achievement. Wonderful composition and I really like the way your stitched the background photo down.
    wow!! So impressive! Your LO is awesome too!!
    Lovely page! I like all the pictures, especially the one you used as background on the right. What an accomplishment for one so young!
    Love this Belle. Wonderful photos and I really like the arrangement and how you used the stitching. Great job!
    Congrats to Stefan! Your pride shines through the LO! Love it. Nice job....the large photo is perfect and the smaller photos complete the story. Like the embellishments you used, too.
    Wow, these are great photos. I love the larger one in the background. That is a wonderful accomplishment for Stefan. Lovely page, Belle!
    I love the whole LO. The pictures are super and I love how they are arranged. Stitching is neat too. Congrats. What an achievement at such a young age.
    What an awesome achievement and such a wonderful LO :)