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My Sailor

My Sailor

I was asked how I made the backgound for this layout that I thought I'd share here. I have a technique that I use a lot that I like to call "painting with styles" that I used here. Perhaps I should do a tutorial on it! Let me try to explain what I've done here, layer by layer.

The base layer is the Chesapeake "Tan" paper - it's the weathered-look one with a little bit of wood showing through. To the paper, I applied the peeling paint style. That style lets your paper or embellishment show through and just adds a peeling paint layer over it. The next layer up is the "Blue" paper with a net pattern. The same style is applied to that paper. I added a layer mask to the blue paper layer and used Brandy's Dynamic Brush Set: Background Blenders to erase away parts of the blue paper to let the tan to show through. It's cool how the paint style lines up and still looks like it's on top.

Now here's the painting with styles part. I added a new blank layer over the papers and applied the "floral" style. Then I used the watercolor brush from Brandy's Action Pack: Ultimate Artist set to paint around the edges. It doesn't matter what color, only the style will show. I did the same thing on top with the "weathered" style.

I hope I've explained it well enough. Let me know if you have any questions!

I used:
ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Chesapeake
Chesapeake Collection Biggie
Chesapeake Clusters Embellishment Mini
Homebody Collection Biggie
Dynamic Brush Set: Background Blenders
Action Pack: Ultimate Artist
You may like the Value Pack: Value Pack: Chesapeake

    Ah . . . my favorite paper!!! I'm glad to see that you put the steps you used to create it right here with the LO for all to see. It opened up some new avenues for me and I know everyone else will enjoy learning about your 'painting with Styles' technique, too. You've just done SUCH a brilliant job with this paper . . .
    This is magnificent. Thank you, thank you for explaining how you did this. Must get to the boutique and check out those styles.
    Absolutely stunning. Thanks for the mini tut. Wow, this is really lovely.
    I love the blending here. Great page.
    What an amazing page and thanks so much for sharing your techniques!