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HNC 5 Photos - Our Benji

HNC 5 Photos - Our Benji

Some wonderful photos of Ben, taken at the weekend.

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    Such lovely photos of Ben, he certainly enjoys having his photo taken :) love how they are all connected with the dotted lines, Wonderful LO :)
    I really like the grid arrangement you have created here. :)
    Great arrangement on this layout!
    Love your photo arrangement! Very clever. Lovely pictures of Ben. He looks like such a sweet boy.
    Fantastic page Valerie! I really like how you used the used the stitching here too. :)
    Wonderful page! I like the design, with all the pictures in a block pattern with stitching in between. I like the variety of poses and expressions you captured. The photo corners look cool, too.
    Ben is so photogenic. He has a beautiful smile. Great journaling and lovely layout.
    LOVE LOVE LOVE this layout! Different and perfectly showcases "your Benji!" You're a pro!

    Oh, look at that smile of Ben's! Such a happy boy, Valerie and I love, love, love the composition of your photos! Great page and you did a wonderful job snapping all of those sweet smiles!
    :) love the use of squares in this layout :) adorable.