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Thursday Challenge - Ironing

Thursday Challenge - Ironing

I am guilty of leaving all the ironing to last minute, I keep saying to myself that this is not good and that I need to improve. One day, maybe!

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    Beautiful LO Valerie. I love the contrast of dark and white ... nice clustering and lace edging!
    I really like the black background and the contrast with the white lace! I like the stitching too-and you did this so quickly!!! Thanks for joining!

    So...you iron?? LOL....I usually iron on a "need only" basis...it only gets ironed if I need it!
    Beautifully done, Valerie! I agree with Lei and Conda - LOVE the contrast of black and white in your layout! Ah, I love to iron, but am guilty of leaving it til the last minute too! I like to see everything I've ironed all hung so neatly in the closet - that is, if I can get to the closet for the basket of ironing in front of it! LOL
    Ironing? What's ironing? I can't remember the last time I ironed anything - it might have been the tablecloth for last year's Christmas dinner. DH and I are both retired - our clothes are wash & wear. But your layout is lovely - almost makes me want to iron something. :D The monochromatic contrast is great, and all the white - black - space draws attention to that shiny iron. And I love the sparkly swirls in the background.
    I too really like your play with the black and white in your background and ebellishments but also how it makes your iron stand out. Love the touch of stitching and glitter too!
    Look at that new-looking iron! Has it been used? :lol: Seriously, I love the feminine look to the page, especially the touches of lace and ribbon. The black and white color scheme is great!
    I love the black background with the white mat behind the photo. I hardly ever iron (good thing dh's uniform doesn't need it!) and my iron is over 20 yrs old!
    What a lovely layout for such a horrid chore! I am with you - HATE ironing.
    I don't iron either. I love the black and white layout. Very pretty.
    Beautiful layout, Valerie! I love the BW with tiny splashes of color and I really like the pretty lace you used. Great journaling and lovely page. :)