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Aug 16 - Habits - Creative Habit

Aug 16 - Habits - Creative Habit

Scrapping is what awakens me,
every morning with me tea,
viewing the gallery artwork, so pretty,
leaving loving words for artist to see,
is a wonderful habit and way to be.

Since finding scrapping I try each day,
to observe the beauty that comes my way,
and capture it so that I may,
create a memory that will stay.

And so this newly formed habit of mine,
so lovingly helps me record the passage of time,
remembering joyful moments so sublime,
with beautiful artistry from Scrapgirls & on this page, with words that rhyme.

My Layouts from First, middle to last, so happy to record the time that has past and I realize how it really goes by entirely to fast!
Thanks Scrapgirls for helpimg me release my creativity.

BMU_Coastal_Paper_Green copy
LLO_BoyJoy_Emb_Overlay_Thank Heaven
SNU_HeartAndSoul_BannerSPEC copy
Fonts are
Joy Like Sunshine Through My Window Pane
Words of Love

    What a lovely poem! I love how you've arranged your page, especially showing us some of your scrapping results. Beautiful colors here, too. I love the textures of the stitching and staples, too. You've picked a great habit: creative and fun. And your poem speaks to probably all of us! :D
    I love all the layers here. Super page and terrific font choices.
    Amazing journaling!! I love that you included 3 of your layouts, too. That is a wonderful habit to have!
    Great habit! I like the way you included the three layouts and stapled them! Fabulous journaling/poem.
    How very clever. I love the three mini layouts. Lovely page.
    Oh my goodness, I LOVE your journal poem! And how you have showcased your first to last layouts to date - you started this journey way more creative than most, but still have polished and honed many skills so far!
    Oh, Cheryllann - this is just so very special! Your heartfelt poem is so wonderful and I love how you used a handwriting font. What a wonderful idea to showcase your first, middle and last LO and to express so well what scrapping means to so many. I very much enjoyed this page and your creativity in creating it. I enjoy each of your layouts and this one is a winner in so many ways. Lovely.. :)
    So creative! I love the poem - great job. A very special layout.
    Creatively created! Love the triangle banner across the top, the use of file labels on the minature lo's and your poem!
    Brilliant journal poem. You are going to have such wonderful memories to reflect on with your creative habit. I really like the way your have three miniature layouts on your page.