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Sat. 8/20 - Last Mass at St. Patrick's

Sat. 8/20 - Last Mass at St. Patrick's

When I saw the colors for this challenge, I thought of the screen from the old church (it's on the side of the layout). I'm sorry, Pat - there's nothing woodsy about this, but the colors worked beautifully.

This church just dominates the skyline of the area, but will probably be taken down. Years of neglected maintenance have taken their toll as with many local churches.

I used:
MST_SSDLOAlbum_ToHaveToHold-12x12_7 (much modified)
fonts: Aon Cari Celtic, Vivaldi Italic

    Oh, this is just lovely Aggie. I really like your great photos and poignant journaling. I also really like the regal colors you used. Wonderfully special page. This happened at our church too, so I know how sad it is.
    You really made a beautiful tribute to the church. :)
    What a beautiful layout! I love your photos and the journaling, and the green circle ties everything together beautifully. I especially like your choice of background papers -- the dark paper looks quite ecclesiastical, and the the lace edged paper reminds me of an altar cloth. How sad that this beautiful church will be torn down!
    Love your layout, Aggie. There's so much I like, like everything! The photos, the circular arch, and the journaling are all beautiful
    Beautiful background and great photos. It's such a pity that so many old buildings are being lost.
    What a sin that this beautiful old church will be, or probably is, taken down. You did a wonderful job in this tribute to the church. You photos are wonderful and I love the very elegant frames you used. The background paper is gorgeous and looks beautiful with your photos. Your journaling is heartfelt, especially the last line. Beautiful!