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Monday 8/20 Challenge

Monday 8/20 Challenge

Monday Challenge requirements:
- 2 background papers (I took the brown wooden paper and added a bevel to make it appear like a frame)
- 3 photos
- 7 embellishments
- and let's get crazy with 5 MORE embellishments (by the time you add up all the shells and the sand and other stuff, I have more than 12 embellishments)
- something purple (tiny little shells)
- some text
- at least 2 different fonts or alphas
- use a blending mode or photo effect on at least one photo (used Sepia Magic style on the top right photo, and the Photo Textures style on the bottom two photos)

Journaling (actual excerpts from my mom's travel journal - I blended them together)
Our first trip to the beach! The sky is clear, no clouds in sight, so we feel very blessed! The ocean waves are terrific! Theresa enjoyed them at first, until they knocked her down and she felt a little fearful John, on the other hand, loved jumping over them and couldn’t get too much! When a big wave came he’d try to outrun it back to shore, then turn to jump in it. So fun to watch! The kids alternated between the ocean and the beach. They tried to make sand castles on the shore, but they kept getting washed away. They were not discouraged, though. Watched some sand crabs digging in the sand, and also some "living shells.” Ocasionally we felt these little critters pinch at our feet! A family vacation to remember!

ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Photo Textures 2201 Super Biggie
ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Sepia Magic 6301
Seascape Collection
Beachcomber Collection Mini
Coastal Collection Biggie
Spa Collection Super Mini
ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Basic Shadows 6501

Fonts: LDJ Old TypeFace, LD Dear Miss Rose

    Oh, Theresa - such lovely memories and wonderful photos! How special to use parts of your Mom's words as journaling and I really like how you framed one and off set the others. Just lovely. Your embellishment clusters are so pretty and I like your title too. Gorgeous page of a wonderful memory.
    You have done well for fulfilling the challenge requirements. I do like that top photo - the lens flair looks good.
    I love the way the water in the BG paper seems to flow right across your photos!!!!
    That paper is certainly meant for those photos. Wonderful :)
    How wonderful to have these memories from your mother's point of view. Gorgeous layout - I love the little scene. The frame came out very well, too.
    Wow! And it doesn't look overdone either! Great layout. I was scared to try this!
    Wonderful journaling and memories. Love the photos and the background paper. Lovely and special layout.
    Beautiful page, Love what you did with the wooden paper and the cluster of shells and sand.
    Wow! Your journaling is just wonderful. It sets the mood for the layout. Your photos are fabulous and the colors that you used are just perfect. Love the cluster you created using all of those wonderful beach elements.
    Love the wooden background frame and the frame on your photo. The sand, shells, flowers and background papers are so very beautiful with your photos. Great job on journaling and so wonderful you mom kept the journal. Beautiful!