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tuesday freebie challenge

tuesday freebie challenge

This group of friends i have known since about 14yrs and we still all keep in touch. Everytime I go back to the Uk wee get together for a meal.

I had problems with the colours changing when I uploaded it so this is how it should look, not bright and green :)

i used:
JRA_Freebie paper
JRA_HomeSweetHome (love this kit)

    Nothing like old friends...they are truly the best. They know all your warts, and they love you still! I love your page, looking through the garden window.
    What a wonderful layout Jane! I love how you framed the photo in the window and placed the flower box in front of it. Gorgeous colors and perfect word art too. I love it all! Thanks for joining in the challenge!
    What a fun LO!! I am crazy about the way this photo is framed!!!
    How wonderful you have so many friends from the 'old days'. Love the window frame and the flowerbox is a cute touch.
    I love how you blended your papers! It is wonderful that you have all been friends for years, and you have scrapped this beautifully. The little flower box cluster is great.
    Your colors look fine to me. I love the photo through the 'window'
    What a lovely layout. Glad you had a good time with your friends.
    This is so lovely and inviting - the window effect pulls us right into your wonderful photo and layout. I really like the window box and the cheerful background you used, too. Wonderful layout.
    I'm echoing what everyone else said about the frame -- it's a brilliant way to show this outdoor photo! The colors look lovely to me, too, so I guess you figured out what was troubling you about them. In fact, I think your background is beautiful! The flower box looks great here, bringing our attention to the journaling strip.
    This is such a wonderful layout. I love the window looking out on to the backyard and all of you enjoying yourselves. Beautiful background paper looks like wallpaper in this layout. Love the cute little window box with the flowers.
    For the second time: I just love this layout. I love how you used the window that let's us look out into the backyard of you gals enjoying yourselves. The background paper looks like it could be wallpaper. Love that cute little flower box. Great layout.

    I hope this comment stays this time.