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Hurricane Andrew (right)

Hurricane Andrew (right)

Hurricane Andrew - Right (August 24, 1992)

Today is the 20th Anniversary of South Florida's devastating hurricane.

Photo information on left side page.

VRA_MHLRS_LifeStory_6Right (non-SG),

    Wow, sobering photos Becky and I like how you included a newspaper article, too. The template is perfect for your photos and I really like your background. Wonderful layout. :)
    Good job on these hurricane layouts. Very interesting and I remember them too.
    Wow! Scary! But a great way to remember it.
    <Still shuddering from last LO> LOL Whew...seems like last year still..... But I love documenting things like this as do you. I like the simplicity of the LO!
    I still can't believe its been 20 years since Andrew created such devistation here. I listened to the tribute WLRN had running yesterday and it gave me chills. Your 2 page layout really captures the immensity of that storm and the path of destruction. That's a great picture of Bill Baggs Park - would never recognize it but for the lighthouse. Fabulous photo of the wall cloud too!
    Just a great layout! Looking at the state park - is that a light house still standing? Great illustration of the devastation.
    Very interesting and scary layout. Love all the photos and information. Thanks for sharing.