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Linda, this is just amazing! Your photos are such treasures and I really like how you framed each one differently and zoomed in on each face. Your background is so incredibly creative and just lovely - great blending and wonderful layers put together so well. Your embellishment cluster is beautiful and I like the warm colors you used on the page. Great job! :)

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This is so fantastic! You’ve made it so ‘out of the box’, but it works PERFECTLY for a heritage layout. I’m totally impressed.


PS – How solemn people were in those really old photographs! I read somewhere not long ago that it was because it was such a unique event to get your photo taken back when no one had their own cameras—sometimes a once-in-a-lifetime event.

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Sensational! Great artistry everywhere you look on the page. What wonderful photos and the overall grunginess of the page is so appealing. I love the separated photos and also the dark to light of the page. Great font choice and the flourish stamp is wonderful. Send to a magazine!

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This is stunning! Your incorporation of so many elements is wonderful. Very nicely composed and interesting layout! :)

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Beautiful Layout! Makes you feel you would like to know those people.

What a treasure to have those pictures.

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