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Fri. Challenge 8/24 - Temple

Fri. Challenge 8/24 - Temple

This photo needed to be scrapped on a black background to get the full effect of the lights, so this challenge was perfect!

The “Heavenly Temple” Chinese lantern exhibit demonstrates the significance of shapes, numbers, and colors in the design of Chinese temples. Heaven is represented by the use of circles and the dark blue roof tiles; Earth are the squares. Heaven and Earth meet symbolically wherever these two shapes are joined. In addition to shapes and colors, numbers have much significance in the temple. Inside the hall of prayer (for a good harvest) there is a series of pillars representing the four seasons, twelve months, and twelve traditional Chinese hours. Of course, the temple pictured here is entirely constructed from wire framing and fabric! It is part of the Chinese lantern exhibit at the Missouri Botanical Gardens.

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    Wow, what a magnificent photo! Your treatment of it, in its "starring" role, is perfect. Love the fonts used, too.
    I love this! Wow, what a beautiful temple and photo, and you are so right about it being on the black and white bg. I can't imagine it competing with other colors. I really like the angle of your photo, which highlights the temple's best parts so beautifully. I especially enjoyed the journaling, Theresa! Great title work with your chosen font. This just jumps off the forum and gallery page. Lovely work on the challenge!! Thanks so much!
    What a fabulous photo, Tiza! The lights of the temple are just gorgeous and you've captured them so well in your photo! Just beautiful! Thanks for sharing this - it must be amazing to see in person.
    I agree that this just jumps off the page it's so striking! Stunningly beautiful photo and the black just pops its vivid warm colors even more. I really enjoyed your journaling and your brushwork is fantastic. Truly a wonderful layout, Theresa. I love how it glows. :)
    Wow! This is just amazing! Those colors are exquisite and the black and white really sets it off!
    Really a fabulous photo and layout to appreciate the temple's beauty and the signifcance of the structure. Great journaling and yes that building does glow wonderfully.
    REally beautiful. I love the treatment of the photo, mask that makes the beautiful temple stand out.
    Wow! This is gorgeous! What a beautiful temple and those vibrant colors really stand out against the black. I love it!
    Your journaling is very interesting and the photo is awesome. The black background really shows it off!
    Stunning photo and very interesting journaling. I love the layout.