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Autust Monthly Layout - favorite vacations

Autust Monthly Layout - favorite vacations

I thought of this picture as soon as I saw the description of this month's contest. Journalling:Many times over the past 10 years I have watched grandparents with their grandchildren on vacation, wishing that I could go on vacation with my grandchild. In 2011, my wish came true. While playing with Ty at Folly Beach I was in ............7th Heaven.
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    awwww! This is so sweet--how ideal that you got to babysit Ty and just be with him. Fabulous LO, the blending and the colors and he is so cute!!
    Very sweet layout! I'm glad you got to go. I agree with Dixie Lee.
    As the others have said it is wonderful to be a grandma. Your LO shows that beautifully. Great job. I love the colors and the photo is very good.

    This is fantastic! Love the blended photo and the paper is so perfect with it. So great that you got to go on vacation with your grandchildren!
    What a wonderful photo! Looks like you both had a super fun vacation together - I'm glad you got your chance to vacation with a grandchild:) Great title and fun colors!
    I really like this! Love the happy colors and they work really well with the water. Well done.

    I know what you mean about yearning to vacation with the grandkids. We have a favorite vacation resort we've gone to over the years and I really wish we could afford to bring the whole family - for at least a few days if not the usual week we spend there.