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First Look at Paris, p.1 of 2


© 2012, Barbara Crane, all rights reserved

First Look at Paris, p.1 of 2

What a beautiful city! After a rocky start, we set off to explore. SO Beautiful!

We headed for the Métro, bag & baggage in hand. Unfortunately, we did not understand the speed of the gate sensors, and I got “clamped”, hard, after walking David through. It took a bit to free me and the luggage, and was upsetting and uncomfortable. Luckily, no serious harm was done, just a few bruises. Then, boarding the subway, we struggled a bit with crowded cars, full of “rowdies” off to another soccer rally. It was a bit of a shock, after London, to handle these incidents along with the language.

Supplies in EXIF

    The photos are beautiful My grandson loved paris this summer. Glad you were able to go. Very pretty layout. Love the journaling.
    Gorgeous photos Barbara and you masking makes them look even ore stunning! I enjoyed your journaling and was so interested as I did not have a "welcoming" feel to Paris when I was there. But, the city is beautiful and so is your layout. Lovely page.
    The color & the masks look great! Fantastic photos, too.