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August swap for Jenna

August swap for Jenna

Jenna sent these photos from a trip to Washington.

I used:
VRA_IveBeenRetroFramed-Lifts (retired)

Bookcovers from Amazon.com

    I really like how you placed the photos in the spiral album and also the font you used to journal on the page. Great idea to grab the book covers for placement in the layout. Wonderfully arranged like you've just stepped away from your desk. Love it.
    This is a really clever layout - I like all the books on the desktop. Cute pen & inkwell, too.
    Wonderful layout of the White House in Washington, D.C. I like all of the books that you added and the note paper. Love the photos and how you placed them in the notebook, which lies on the desktop with pen and ink.
    What a great job on this! I love the red, white and blue peace sign! Thanks for joining the swap!
    Great layout--the desk arrangement is very nicely done. TFS!
    Very cool! I love it & I am sure Bryan will too (they are his pics from his trip to DC early this year). Thank you! Can't wait to get this printed up! :)
    I love the template that you used here as well as the book covers. The journal book is lovely. Super layout.