Zigge always in my heart

I made this heart shaped frame out of 157 (!) small hearts that I filled with different styles.


For this LO I used:

AWI_Murano_Paper_Green.jpg (retired)






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This is fantastic! The little hearts must have taken quite a while to get filled in and placed! There is really no way to miss how much love you have for Zigge when you look at this. What a lucky dog!

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Zigge is such a gorgeous dog and I love how you worked with those hearts to create such a beautifully layered effect. What a fun idea and beautiful layout for such a special friend.

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WOW! This LO is GORGEOUS. As a pet lover, I have to say your LO demonstrates how you love Zigge!! Great work.

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What a labor of love - your little hearts are so pretty and rounded & the heart is magnificent! Zigge is a real cutie.

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Zigge is beautiful and looks wonderful in that gorgeous heart shaped frame. Wow! It must have taken you forever to create that frame. You did a beautiful job with it.

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