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August 2012 Swap for Lei -- Glacier National Park Page 2

This is Page two of the layout I did for Lei. Here is some more of the information that I found out about Glacier National Park. There is so much info out there, it was hard to choose what I was going to include here:


Known as the Lewis Overthrust, these sedimentary rocks are considered to have some of the finest fossilized examples of extremely early life found anywhere on Earth.

Glacier National Park has almost all its original endemic plant and animal species. Mammals such as the grizzly and mountain goat as well as less common ones such as the wolverine and lynx are known to inhabit the park. Hundreds of species of birds, more than a dozen fish species and even a few reptile and amphibian species have been documented. The park has numerous ecosystems ranging from prairie to tundra and the easternmost forests of red cedar and hemlock normally found in large numbers closer to the Pacific Ocean. Though larger forest fires are uncommon in the park, in 2003 over 10% of the park was impacted by fires.



Supplies Used:

PWR Twigs an Twine Collection -- Paper 12x12 Sunset, Alphas

SJO SSEmb Photo Masks Basics -- Mask-Outdoors

JDE Watercolor Desert Collection -- Butterfly

ABL Digital Stickers Naturalists Journal -- Wolf, Cougar

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I really like the way you did the title and the placement of the journaling. That is one long car trip...too long for me! Lei is going to be so excited!

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Great photo treatments, Carol! I love the title with the animals on top of the word Park and beautifully done journaling!

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Carol - this is GREAT!! I really love everything about this ... the critters ... the way the laid out the title ... and showcased my photos. Thank you so m uch Carol!!

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This is lovely Carol. I enjoyed reading the notes about the park. I love the background paper and masks.

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