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First Evening in Paris, p.1 of 2


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First Evening in Paris, p.1 of 2

Our hotel is very convenient (thank you, Betsy Farr!), right at the Comedie Francais, about 2-3 minutes walk from the Louvre. The rooms are old & faded, but comfortable. We checked in around 4 p.m., and crashed, napping for a couple of hours (we seem to be doing this a lot!)

We walked through the Louvre Plaza, and out to the Seine, across Pont des Arts Bridge, and through the Latin Quarter. We snacked on ice cream & filled crepes; the crepes were delightful, as was the ice cream!

Pretty day coming slowly to an end.

    I love your Paris photo and the way you've used the mask blocked it in at the top with subtle print below that looks like it's part of the water's reflection. Nicely done.
    Gorgeous photos. I like the blending of your photos. Great journaling - what a wonderful memory.
    Wow! Great photography, and I like the way you have displayed it. The mask really makes it special. Also love the elements and border you used on this page.