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Elizabeth's 7th Birthday, left page

My GD's birthday is in late October, and her parties have usually been combined with the family's annual pumpkin carving gala. This was her first BIRTHDAY party, all to herself. The doll house was originally intended for her mother and aunt - DH and I started it in 1979 or 1980, in Denver. It's been moved twice since then. We realized that we probably won't have another little girl to play with it, and worked feverishly to finish the house itself and assemble or acquire all the furniture. Got it done one week before the party, and connived with Elizabeth's parents to sneak it into the basement family room, and keep her out of the basement until party time. The top left photo on the right page shows her first glimpse of the house. I had arranged the furnishings the way I thought they should be; she and her friend Bethany immediately began to rearrange everything, of course!


Most of the papers and embellishments are from Brandy Murry's BSweet collection; details are in the EXIF file. TFL!

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I just LOVE your photos in the number 7! How creative and unique! Everything looks wonderful on your black background and the photos are so cute! I like the embellishments you used - great layout!

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And your incredible talent did not stop with the completion of the doll house as this 2-page layout is absolutely fantastic! I especially love how you designed the title. Into my favorites it goes to be scraplifted when my grandson turns seven. Thank you for the inspiration.

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What a great present! It sure looks like she appreciates it. This is a great layout - I like the photos in the 7 and the black & pink color scheme. Love that little teddy bear.

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