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Tuesday 8-14-12 Freebie Challenge -- Painted Lady

This is a photo that I took at the Botanical Garden last week. It was a gorgeous day and there were butterflies flittering around the garden. I managed to get one of this beautiful Painted Lady that had just landed on this yellow flower to take a drink of its nectar.


My journaling Reads:

The Botanical Garden was beautiful and there were lots of Painted Ladies flying around. I had never seen them before, as their lifespan is only about two to four weeks. They look similar to the Monarch, except for the white spots that look like eyes on their underwings.


In general, the Pained Lady is a large butterfly with a wing span of 2.0 to3.5 inches identified by the black and white corners of its mainly deep orange, black spotted wings.

It has 5 white spots in the black forewing tips and while the orange areas may be pale here and there, there are no clean white dots in them. The hindwings carry 4 small submarginal eyespots on dorsal and ventral sides. Those on the dorsal side are black, but in the summer morph sometimes small blue pupils are present in some.



Supplies Used:

JRA Home Sweet Home -- Papers-10 & 12, Alphas, Border, Special2

ABL Digital Stickers Flutterbys -- Butterfly

ABL Naturalists Journal Collection -- Book

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I love how you've edged the page to look like your so-pretty frame. Wonderful photo! That's an interesting butterfly and one I don't think is seen too often. Thanks for the interesting info, too.

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Great page and wonderful photo! I love how you framed it with the freebie. I really like how the page border coordinates so well with the freebie too. Thanks for taking part in the challenge!

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This is gorgeous Carol - a stunning photo. I love the way you've re-coloured the paper and used the border to frame the page

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