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Rooted (journal page)


@Dianne Polome

Rooted (journal page)

I scanned this page after I started coloring it in. Just for fun, I decided to add a paper to see what it looked like . . . and I like it! I am thinking I should start doing this more because I hate the big areas of white space but I'm too lazy to color that much (I only use colored pencil on these). Another use for my SG supplies! (This was from the DCA Blush Collection).

    Oh - this is fantastic!!!! Did you draw that? Love this idea!
    Diane, I'm so in love with this page. I love the doodling word art! Did you draw that yourself.
    Thanks. Yes, I drew and did the doodling myself. You can click on the link to my blog to read a little more about my rather random but relaxing journaling process!
    This is really awesome. Jumped out from the message board. Your drawing is great and I love it with the paper you added. Great job!
    I love it! Your drawing, doodling, and coloring are awesome and I love the scripture.
    I am crazy about your doodling!!! Love it!