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HNC_8/29_Photo Manipulation_Recipe for Fun

LOL, coming in a day early! Here's a "Summer's Last Hurrah" LO.


To very slightly warm up the photo, I made the following changes, using PSCS5:

Levels Adjustment layer: Increase Contrast 2 at the default setting

Curves Adjustment Layer: Linear Contrast at the default setting

Added a Layer Style: Satin in Orange Color #ffa403, Blend Mode Opacity at 72% (angle 19%, distance 11px, size 14px.) This is the manipulation which slightly warmed the picture from a dull gray (from an iPhone picture.)



First Photo Layer 100% Opacity and Fill

Duplicated the Photo and Changed the Second Photo Layer to SCREEN MODE at 37% Opacity and Fill. This brightened the photo.

Went back to the First Photo Layer and added the Levels (Increase Contrast 2 at the default setting) and Curves (Linear Contrast at the default setting) Adjustments as noted above.

Went back to the Second Photo Layer (the Screen Mode Layer on top) and made the Satin Adjustment (Satin in Orange Color #ffa403, Blend Mode Opacity at 72%, angle 19%, distance 11px, size 14px.)


TFL! Lots of fun and thanks for the great challenge, April!


BMU Dynamic Brush: Bokeh

CCR Sandbox Fun

EBA Styles ATC Shadows

JRE SS Paper Here Comes the Sun

SBA Actions: Stacked

SJO Fresh Juice

SJO Tropical Fruit

SNU Paper_On the Edge_Months

Font LDJ Mothers Typewriter

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Photo Information


I love your sunny, fun layout! The bokeh looks cool (or should I say "hot"? lol) and what you did with the sun/dots border throughout the background is great.


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This is so much fun, Dot! Your bright cheery layout just beckoned from the MB and I love how you treated the photo - it looks great! As fellow sand-lover I chuckled at your wonderful title and pic. I really like the sand embellishments you used and your journaling and border. Your blended background is just creative and "sunny" and I love the stiching you used! I love everything about this page! Super work... :)

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Looks like summer to me! I LOVE that sunshine background and the umbrella providing Graham with some virtual shade. Great photo, too; thanks so much for the details about how you made it look so good! Your "August" around the edges adds nice texture as well as the subtle message that this is a happy end-of-summer page.

I just realized that this is TOMORROW's HNC challenge layout! Way to go, Dot! :lol:

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You added the perfect amount of warmth not only to the photo to make it look real but also to tie in with those embellishments... he looks so happy too! Fun page capturing the brightness of summer :-)

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The photo looks terrific! Looks like a good formula for warm-ups:) He looks so happy and cute - love the playful title and way you used the strings and embellishments to frame him!

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This came out awesome. I love the bright cheery feel and the adorable umbrella to protect Graham. Love that string frame too and embellishments. I am happy that you put down your process for working with your photo. I am going to try the layer style process on my photo to see if it helps. Thanks and Great job!

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What a lovely, bright page! Your photo looks fantastic with all the changes! I like the colorful kit, the frames and the beachy elements.

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Fun indeed! This page is delightful and your journaling/title is so clever. Love the photo and the colors are so bright and cheery :)

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This is so pretty. I love the photo, title, colors and design. I think this is a real eye catching layout.

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