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HNC Photo Manipulation - Weald & Downland

HNC Photo Manipulation - Weald & Downland

I went a bit mad on blending today, but I had fun.

These photos are from a really interesting, open air museum, just north of Chichester. It has a huge collection of buildings that have been found and dismantled from different parts of the south of England. They then reconstruct and restore them. They have buildings from as early as the 14th century, but most are from the 16th to 18th century.

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    Cool! It looks so old and vintage--makes me want to go see all the buildings, how very intriguing! great job of blending!
    Absolutely LOVELY blending job. This is just beautiful! I love the simplicity of it.
    Super blending Valerie. Love the mood!
    I LOVE your blending! Great way to capture the antique mood. I like your elegant title and embellishments, too. This looks like an intriguing place to visit.
    This is fabulous Valerie. Love the blending and movement tot he page and also the sepia tone. YOur layout makes me want to see it for myself one day!
    Lovely! I like the blending and color changes you did. The two photos blended behind the main one look cool, too. I like the simple addition of the butterfly landing on the rose.
    That sounds like a neat place to visit. I like the colors you used and how you blended the photos.
    You are really doing some VERY nice layouts and photos. Great job on the blending and journaling.
    Gorgeous Valerie and wonderful blending :) I have been to a the Chiltern Open Air museum and its just amazing and sounds very similiar. I remember they had a section on the pre-fab houses and I remember these and had friends who lived in them--just facinating so I can just imagine the fun you had.
    Lovely work on the blending, which really pulls me into the scene. Pretty buildings and photos! I like the monochromatic look which says "countryside." Nice touch to add the simple flower and butterfly!