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Friday Movie Poster: Adventurous


& 2012 Eden

Friday Movie Poster: Adventurous

Mine was from the movie poster of Jean-Luc Goddard's iconic Breathless (the original - not the one with Richard Gere)

The text reads:
We set out from Vancouver travelling by ferry, bus, train and private cars to Vancouver Island, along the Alaskan Marine Highway. Our journey took us to Alaska and the Yukon. We slept on banana lounges, in hostels and in our little Crazy Clark's tent. Every day was a new adventure and life was lived with joy and laughter.

Credits in Exif.

    Wow, Eden! I love your layout & what an exciting time it sounds like! Really great theme interpretation!
    Marvelous! That's a great photo and you did a fantastic job with the layout. It really does look like the old movie poster. Clever and original.
    (I loved that movie, by the way; I wanted to be Jean Seberg.) It sounds like an exciting trip!
    I nearly used this poster Eden, glad I left the challenge and ended up choosing something else as I wouldn't want to be next to this! It is fabulous! Great use of the design and fun journalling and I love the 5 stars from Frommer's and Lonely Planet :-)
    This is fantastic! And what a trip! Adventurous is the right word for it!
    Oh, Eden, this is amazing! I really love the colors and overall feel. That sounds like one fun trip. Thank you so much for the great challenge!
    Great job!!
    Another stunning layout. I love the extraction of the photo and that it's B & W. Lovely colors.
    Great scraplift! Love the graphics and the way you made it about yourself.