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A Tale of Two Lolas


& 2012 Eden

A Tale of Two Lolas

SBD_Hearts Paper and Element
Mitsybelle LLL Flourish 2 and Ribbon
VRA_Journalling2 Envelope
SBD _Showtime Element
LSH_BoldLove Locket Embellishment
SNU_Picturesque Charm, Zipkit photographic and Album Elements
SJD_PinkiePromise Rose Elements
SilvioRomeo_PearlString (Re-coloured)
Clem_LadynGent Peep Element
DeviantScrap_ColorSplash_HWS Paper and umbrella
Brimm_MermaidRodeo Bar Element
VJS_NotYourModernMemories Kayser Stockings Ad
Canstock Music and Cat Elements
Fonts: Herald Square and Hightower
MGD_SweetSurprise Glitter Style
Text: Copacabana by Barry Manilow, Bruce Sussman, and J. Feldman

    Thank you for the smile! Yes, she is pretty. Love your background paper & roses, especially!
    This is so amazing I just don't know what to say! Maybe "I love it" will be sufficient. What A talent you have.
    Love all the bits tucked behind the book. The colours work really well with the cat, great extraction by the way.
    I love the humor in this its jsut wonderful :)
    I LOVE this. I think you are so clever. I love the extraction of the cat and the old fashioned figures. The journal book is perfect.
    Cute. Love the cat. The background is so pretty & soft. The roses and frames tucked behind the book look great!
    Seeing one of your layouts is like eating dessert! This is so wonderfully put-together that I can't stop looking at it.
    Absolutely adorable. Your Lola is darling and very pretty. Love the photo of her in the heart frame behind the book. Love all the elements that you added to the page and the colors are wonderful. Great extraction too.
    Haha! What a clever page! You have an eye for a bit of fantasy!
    You are so creative! I love the photos and frames. Great job on the challenge!