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Me And My Hair

Me And My Hair

for the Designer's Life article

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Sandbox Fun Collection
Safari Time Collection
Lettering Delights Sweet Potatoes Font

    I think your hair is gorgeous and if I had hair like that, I would keep it just like that. Love the white space and the flowers are lovely. The eyes are cute.
    Oh Char, how I laughed all the way through your Newsletter article. I have the same problem as you and have ended up wearing it the same way, as well. What I DON’T have is the gorgeous thickness that you do. My hair is fine and thin. I’ve tried different cuts, but have never liked myself in straight, short ones; so always return to long with bangs. I have had some perms in my lifetime and they do well for the ‘mop of curls’ look (remember the early 90’s?) but are so hard on my thin hair that I gave them up long ago. I was a frustrated youngster until the 60’s when MY HAIR became the vogue.

    And I cut my own hair! Don’t think I could do it if it was as thick as yours, but works for me. I do tend to let it go a little too long between cuts—but I don’t think I’ve ever let it go 13 months—LOL. Wow, it was REALLY long!

    Great LO to ‘tell this story’. I love everything clustered in the corner with the journaling around the LO. Cute WA and using the eyes emb for emphasis.

    PS – I just can’t imagine you with any other style. Your hair is ‘YOU’!
    Your hair is beautiful, Char! I love the new haircut and I so enjoyed (and giggled) your article this morning! I LOVE the simplicity of your layout! I don't seem to have the talent for doing that - yours is just awesome!

    And I agree with Janine - your hair is so YOU!
    How funny. You cut off a lot of hair. Such a clever idea for a layout. I like the text around the edge & the cluster of photo & embellishments.
    Your article was hilarious. I always wished I had long straight blonde hair that I could toss around when I was angry. :lol: Instead my hair is curly and dark and pretty much doesn't move at all when I shake my head. So funny. Is there a woman who loves her hair??

    I like how you've illustrated your layout and added the text around the edge. The pretty colors of the collection look great with your photos, too. I love the "Yikes"!
    what a great LO Char, loved your article and LOVE your layout, the white space is gorgeous and your journalling around the edge, perfect

    (stunning hair by the way :))