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Monday Challenge 3/9/12 Umbrellas

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I've fiddled and faffed with this LO for too long and am still not entirely happy with it - advice please! Lyrics are from a WW2 song by a Cockney music hall pair called Flanagan and Allen - the tune is so catchy it sticks in your head forever!



This year, when the rain at times seemed that it would never stop, I have found myself intrigued by all the different styles of umbrellas that people use and wondering if anyone ever has an umbrella mended as they did in the old days.

















© © Hilary Locke

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I like this very much just as it is, Hilary! Love the upside-down "L" formed by the pix's & title, the gray cloud background & the umbrella embi's. The angled paper adds energy to the LO. You're right - it's fun to study all the many umbrella styles!

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I think you layout is just perfect and fun. I love the photos and the zig zag ribbon. The parasol embellishments are lovely. Great page.

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I love the photos of the colourful brollies. I like your zig zag ribbons and flowers, and the water droplets. You've gone and done it now though.......I'll be humming that song for weeks.laugh.gif

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What a wonderful page and you've managed to make dreary rain look cheery! I like your song - it sounds so catchy even if I don't know the tune! I also really like all the different umbrellas you show - what a creative idea... Really like your background and the paper that's turned a bit and I love the drops of water all over... Wonderful layout! :)

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Considering your subject is gray dreary rain, you put together a happy looking and fun layout! I found myself smiling as I looked at the various photos. I love your colorful embellies, especially the way the ribbon carries the droplets across and down the page. Great job! By the way, I doubt people get too many things mended these days.

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So cute—both the LO and the pics. I love the theme and the quote you used to tie it all together. I also like how the pictures are what adds color to this LO—it’s what drew me in to view the large version.

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