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Thursday 8/30 Challenge - "Sailing"


I started this layout in the Speedscrap Chat. The first task was to pick 3 photos and use a filter on them. I started with 3 photos - the bay, the bay with a line of sailboats and the bay with a larger and small sailboat. I had so much fun playing, adding filters and using blending modes that I got lost and kept going and never made it past that task!

The next morning's thursday challenge was to "edit your photo in some way". So, I kept working with these pics and used dry brush on the sailboats and Syndee's Brush Set: Painted to erase around the edges. I also used an overlay blending mode on the bottom photo so the world map below would show through and linear burn on the photo above it and blended two backgrounds together.

For the larger sailboat photo I used the color enhance/adjust color to turn it to black and white and then the marquee tool to crop around the boats so just they remained in the photo. I also used different blending mode on each of the three pics until I was satisfied with the results.

I was pleased to see the end result looking somewhat like a painting!


For this layout I used:

KWE Sailing Collection

SNU Brush Set: Painted

BMU SS Paper Templates: Edgers

DMI Blue Sea Collection

and my own photos

Photo Information for Thursday 8/30 Challenge - "Sailing"

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WOW!!! Love love love what you did with the photos and the map blended in is stunning!! Looks like you had fun making this layout! Very well done! Thank you for participating!

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This is so dreamy and magical... I love how you blended the painting/photo and darkened the edges around the border to give the illusion of a canvas... The blending of the 3 photos is seamless too and the boats truly look like a painting.... Your border is perfect, soft and light like your finished painting and a perfect match with your word art... The clouds and map look wonderful so subtly underlaid and I like the small words you used... This is such a clever and precise page, I really love your detailing :-) that wavy stitching is such a great touch!

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Your blending is lovely. I can not see where they are joined. Pretty colors. I like the white of the large sailboat. It really stands out. I love the layout.

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Wow -- this is amazing! I love all those gorgeous blues and the way the whole thing really does look like a painting. I especially like how the world map just subtly peeks through the background. I don't know if the sea gull was there in your photo, but it and the white edge make perfect touches. I also like the flowing letters of your title. Beautiful layout! By the way, I chuckled over your not getting past task #1 in the speed scrap! :lol: Maybe next time?

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A work of art, Marilyn! Sensational. Your efforts really paid off. Before I read your description I marveled at the "painting." It looks like a watercolor, and the dry brush effect is gorgeous. I am crazy about the large sailboat, and the triangle of the large boat, gull and title is so pleasing. Gorgeous original photos, BTW. Great blue color. Love the stitching which suggests more waves. Great border. Frameable art!! IMF!!

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Gorgeous watercolor effect on your work of art. Your page exudes the calm movement of gracefully sailing about. Love the soaring bird and your title. I really enjoyed reading your process to arrive at such a lovely page. Your border showcases your page beautifully!

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