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I love traveling with Kulula Airlines. They are such fun people. The trip is always enjoyable. Their pre flight speech is also great fun. "If you get caught using your I Phone, it becomes my phone; The smoking section is on the wing, if you can light em, you can smoke em; In case of drop in pressure, the mask will drop. If you have children, put your mask on first. If you have two children, pick a favorite" and so on and so on. One trip I was on, the cabin attendant sang to us. Never a dull moment. One the the planes even has a sign that says, 'This Side Up', like just in case the pilot does not know.disappearing-smilie.gif

HDI_DLO_PhotoDoc10-Apr-Wk14B; SNU_WellTraveledCollection;SBA Basic Shadows6501




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It does sound like a fun company to fly with, I love that plane. Great background papers and embellishments. I love the simplicity of this layout.

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I love this, Belle! I think it's so exciting that you've actually really flown on this plane! What a fun layout and your photos are just great!

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Oh, Belle - you have me laughing outloud! What a fun way to travel and wonderful airline! Great photos and I like how you framed them. I also really like your backgrounds and great travel embellishments. Wonderful layout! :)

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I love the photos and enjoyed your comments about the things they say. What fun! I like the map background, too. This layout made me smile.

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