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Thursday Challenge

Thursday Challenge

This photo was takenin the shade with sun shining through the trees. Nikki's face was so dark inhalf her face, I tried to lighten it.

Guidedsection-Create levels Adjustment layer

Full Edit -reducedopacity to 75 %

Created adjustmentlayer and adjusted the brightness and contrast

I think maybe it's a bit dull now. Any CC will help.

ABR_SummerRom_Paper-Special; ACA_GirlyGirl_12x12_PinkFloralSpots

KVE_AlwysFvr_Emb1_Tab_Pink_Short; SBA Basic Shadows6501

    BEAUTIFUL! I love these photos and the pink colors you've used that compliments them so beautifully! Your composition is wonderful and I love the daily tabs! What a beautiful family you have!
    Such sweet photos and I love the pink you used, Belle! Really like the overlay you used - so perfect for this page and title. I like the soft feel to your page. :)
    Good work on the photo Belle. It is so hard when there is a dark shadow on part of the photo. I like the background, it's fun and the daily tabs are so perfect with your title!
    I hate when that happens. I thought you did a very good job lightening it up. Made me smile to see Nikki so young! And what a lovely family photo this is.
    You did a great job with the photo! Thanks for letting us know how you did it. I love the arrangement of photos and calendar on the page, and the colors so pretty. Good quote, too!
    The photo came out great! I have tried selecting a circle around a particularly dark section, feathering it & just lightening that part. Such cute photos - particularly your little princess. Clever title.
    I kind of like the natural lighting. They are all beautiful! Those eyes! Pretty LO and great theme. I like the way you have a group shot plus individual photos. Well thought out and appealing. Nice colors, too.
    What darling photos these are. The photos go so well with your pink background paper and I really like the pink frames.