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04sep12 Tuesday Freebie Chlg

04sep12 Tuesday Freebie Chlg

Edit: I should add my dad got back yesterday from 9 weeks o/s so I pinched all his photos to play with, the rainbows are real :-) I wasn't there MYSELF :-(

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    I was kinda wondering what you would do with the colors of the freebie paper. Now I have my answer! :lol: LOVE the green! That's an amazing photo and I love how you picked up some of the rainbow light in your accents. Wonderful embellie clusters, too. This is a beautiful page! I love buttons, by the way, though hardly ever use them. Maybe this will inspire me.
    Wow! This is gorgeous! You sure changed up the paper colors. Those greens with the grey and your picture...it's rather mystical looking. Lovely!
    I've been there - many years ago. It's such gorgeous country & this photo does it great justice. I like how your layout highlights the greens of your photo & the gold flowers are great embellishments.

    Holy cow! I just realized this was the freebie - what a difference a color change & rotation makes.
    Jode - so GORGEOUS - what a stunning shot your Dad shot and you created it into a lovely layout. I really like how creatively you put all your background pieces together and I really ilke the grasses, green buttons and blobs of paint! Love how you recolored and turned the freebie, too! Wonderful page and work. Terrific! :)
    Very creative. I love that you turned the freebie sideways and changed the color. I love the green and the photo is beautiful.
    I never recognized the freebie! Great job, and what a gorgeous photo, that is what drew me to the layout. And I love the embellishments tucked behind the photo.
    Wonderfully lit photo and fabulous to have caught the rainbows. The colors in the rainbow are so vibrant. Love the splashes of green in the buttons and leaves and the recoloring of the freebie looks great!
    What a difference a change in color makes. Beautiful job on the freebie changes. Gorgeous photo and how green everything is. Love the buttons, flowers, leaves and paint splatters.
    You were smart to recolor the freebie paper to make it work with your layout! I like all the green. That is a beautiful photo!