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Sept 4 - Freebie - The Chuckle Patch

Sept 4 - Freebie - The Chuckle Patch

Journaling reads ...

When I was a child there was a TV Show called "The Magic Garden". Each day Paula and Carole would sit around an adorable bed of flowers called The Chuckle Patch, and tell jokes. The Chuckle Patch of flowers would, well, chuckle. These adorable little flowers were zigging and zagging and bouncing and swaying in the breeze so happily that they reminded me of the little Chuckle Patch.

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LCO_Brushset_Growing Things
Fonts - Elliphont and Cinnamon Cake

    I missed that show, but these flowers are gorgeous. I like how closely your embellishments match them. The freebie background is an excellent choice.
    So cute, and I love the journaling!
    Very nice. I love the flowers, beautiful photo and framing. I've never seen that show.
    I was a little too old but I remember that show! What a great page and journaling - I can almost see those flowers dancing through reading your words. Lovely photo and pretty framing and use of embellishments - just lovely! I also really like your wonderful brushwork - really completes a super layout! Your title made me smile. :) Love this page!
    Beautiful photo and I love how the flowers twine around the frame. I don't remember that show, but I love your journaling about your memories of 'The Chuckle Patch'. I really like the floral border and the freebie goes so well with this page.
    Never heard of it but I am sure Callan would love it now.. jokes never get old! I had to look so closely at your page to realise it was embellishments round the edge - I thought you had extracted all those little flowers!!! (Yes, I had my new glasses on!) You matched the embellishments so wonderfully to your photo.. I cannot tell you how fantastic it looks - I also love the little flowers at the bottom, it gives such a wonderful gardeny feel - or how I imagine a lovely garden would feel lol! You did a super job :-)
    Pretty flowers! I've never heard of that TV show, but I like the name "chuckle patch!" The yellow contrasts nicely with the purples/greens of the flowers. I like the floral brushwork along the bottom too! Thanks for taking the freebie challenge.
    What a wonderful memory and what a beautiful way to remember it. I love the flower border on the frame. It's really lovely. Pretty layout.