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Thursday Challenge 8/30/12

Thursday Challenge 8/30/12

I found this plant while poking around the lake. Hubby was fishing so I was just doing the photograph thing. I'm not as smart as I look though, I used a Photoshop action from Coffeeshop called "cross processing" I had no idea what the flower was, so I did a little googling. My google-fu is strong and I found this information on a Missouri conservation website. Score!

it reads:
Although tall and
straggly, with leaf points ending in sharp spines, Tall Thistle
produces an attractive tufted lavendar flower. Seeds are carried by the wind on a downy white "parachute". The seeds are prized by goldfinches, who also use the fluffy down to line their nests"




Photoshop Action:
Coffeeshop Cross Processing

    Well done,Love the colors!
    Gorgeous photo and wonderful colour choice--very peaceful :)
    Gorgeous photo Heather and I enjoyed your journaling. Love the way you put your background pieces together and the soft colors you used. Nice layout!
    Beautiful photo and colours, I love the layering behind the photo, simple but effective.
    Great page Heather! Wonderful photo and I love the arrangement. I love the colors and journaling too. Thanks for taking part in the challenge!
    Isn't it fantastic the information we have at our fingertips these days. The picture is wonderful and the Action did its job. I love the single photo with the line of embellis. Very eye catching.
    I think thistles are beautiful...but they really are a nasty weed here in Missouri!! Beautiful photo and the pink and green color combination is perfect! I like the layering under the photo too! Great journaling! Thanks for joining the challenge!
    Your photo is beautiful. I love the pretty colors and the layers behind the photo.
    Beautiful page!