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Colour Challenge - Bubbles

Colour Challenge - Bubbles

Ben is at respite, Lauren is playing with Kiahna in the garden, can you hear the quiet? All round good recipe for a quick layout.

This is Kiahna, blowing bubbles in the garden last weekend.

Supplies used


    How nice of Kiahna to wear today's colors for you, :lol: . I love the curves and the bubble-title. This layout has a sweet and happy look -- I love it!
    Oh, Valerie! This is beautiful! I love the waves of paper and the bubbles are just so cute! But the look of concentration on her sweet face steals the show! Great job on the challenge!
    What a wonderful photo - I almost have to pucker up and help her blow those bubbles! I like the movement of the page and the white space. I marvel at your ability to put layouts together so quickly and so well. Quiet sure helps the creative process.
    Awesome use of the bubbles above and below Kiahna. She is so adorable concentrating on those bubbles. Pretty patterned paper for your curve templates. Great job.
    Well done Valerie! Yes, I feel the peace you are experiencing. I love the waves and the bubbles. What a cute picture.
    Great choice of orange waves. I love the combination of solids with patterns and how you've allowed plenty of white space to highlight these. It is all perfect with your photo and fun title.
    Gorgeous as always! I love the title in the bubbles.
    Cute photo and very pretty layout. I love the waves and colors.
    Beautiful! It's such a sweet photo and I really like how you added all the bubbles. The swirls are wonderful and very eye-catching. Such clever wordart for your title, too.