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9/8 Color & 9/6 Peaceful Challenge: "Fill Your Soul"

9/8 Color & 9/6 Peaceful Challenge: "Fill Your Soul"

I started this layout for the Thursday "Peaceful" Challenge and finished it this morning for the Saturday Color one. I actually blended three photos together -- the sunset & my feet, my shadow and another sand one. I also blended in and used filters, etc to put the whole background and different papers together but I really need to start writing down what I do because I could never recreate or remember all the steps and pieces! :)
EDIT: I just remembered that I made the large shadow pic into a brush, then used it as a mask and clipped it to the sand. But I as wanted the silhouette to fit into the background/sand pic, I made multiple layers of the sand so it would be exact. And I used different blends on the many different layers and pieces 'til I was happy with it.

I spent a much-needed few days rest at the shore in July. Water and the beach always is so peaceful and soothing for me.
Journaling reads:
"I am in meltdown... "Women need real moments of solitude and self-reflection to balance out how much of ourselves we give away." Barbara DeAngelis... Need to replenish... Water soothes me... I love the beach and hot sand and sound of boats and water lapping against the shore... Can I soak it in?... "Look within!... The secret is inside you." Hui-neng... I don't feel it... I'm not always sure I want to know the secret... OR, me... "

For this layout I used:
SNU Brush Set: Painted
AFT Beachcomer Paper Special
ASO SS Styles: glitter glows 6501
SNU Witty font
VRA SS Type Paths: Shapes (retired)
VRA AYO Zoom 4x6 Beachin' (retired)
and my own photos

    Wonderful page Marilyn! Fantastic blending and I love the colors and beautiful journaling as well. Thanks for taking part in the challenge!
    I am so in awe of your technical expertise!! So much blending and layer work...and your shadow as a brush to make the silhouette.... wow!!! It looks so effective! The sand layering was inspired... it looks so realistic there under your silhouette...watching you relaxing at the beach... I love your quotes and how you tied them together in your journalling... it is a page that keeps on giving... the more I look the more I find... fabulous!!!
    What a beautiful layout! I feel peaceful just looking at it! Thanks for explaining how you did the shadow picture...I may have to try that sometime soon! Thanks for joining the challenge!
    Beautiful, wonderful blending and merging, Love it.
    This is gorgeous! I love the varied shades of warm orange -- I can just feel the sun. Your blending is amazing. I love how you managed to blend 3 photos together and thanks for letting us know how you did the shadow. It turned out beautifully! You know how much I love blending, so this layout is a real treat to see. The quotes mixed together with your own thoughts are lovely, too.
    What a fabulous page! Love the journaling and quotes around the edge. Great background photo and shadow image - really nice. Masterful blending. This is art that invites reflection. Well done, Marilyn.
    This is just an awesome page and all of the work put into it. As I read your journaling, it occured to me that possibly you recreated that peace as you patiently put this all together. What I saw was you bringing the peace back and expressing it. At least I hope that's what you were creating because in the process, I could hear the boats and the water lapping and the restfulness. All of this is a true artist at work. Wonderful work.
    How amazingly clever! The use of your shadow as a clipping mask is inspired and all that work and it still looks wonderfully peaceful. The colours are terrific.
    Great job! Very very clever and creative. I love it all.
    Fantastic blending and wonderful layout. Wow! How very different. I like, I like.