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Saturday Color Challenge 9/8 1st Day of School

Saturday Color Challenge 9/8  1st Day of School

Orange is such a hard color for me to use. Fortunately my little grandson wears a lot of orange shirts so I knew right where to do find a picture.

I used:
BMU Shabby Blanc Paper
BMU Remeberance Wrinkled Paper
BMU Beautiful Black Paper
ABR Urban Live Peach Dots Paper
ASO SS Paper Mask Stencils (did I mention I LOVE LOVE these)
KSC Playful Collection Orange Tape
COL Checkered Dots Brush
SPE SS Paper Quilted Fabric
AFT Goodbye Summer Style
Ehensen Learn Grow Play Flag & Apple

    He is such a cutie! Great way to remember his first day of kindergarten. Love the banners along the bottome and the pretty black mask/stencil. The apple is a great embellishment! Great job.
    This is great! Love the apple and the banner border. That really is the perfect photo for this challenge!
    I love the whole look of your layout! Your grandson looks happy to be there, isn't that great? I love the apple and the colorful banners across the page.
    I like the apple up top and the banner below to balance all the other items in the center. He looks very studious indeed! :)
    How happy your grandson looks. I love the use of the dots brush, it looks like ric rac.
    Love this layout. Your orange dots are great.
    I love it! Orange is hard for me, too; that's why I picked it. I think you did a fabulous job using it. Great job on the challenge!
    Oh I love the banner at the bottom. Great photos and layout.
    I love all the layers of paper and the stencil, I've got these but not used them yet now I'v seen you use them a few times, I've got to give them a go. I also love the flags along the bottom and your title. Wonderful photos too.
    Cute photos. I love the papers and the banner. Lovely layout.