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Sat01sep12 Colour Challenge

Sat01sep12 Colour Challenge

Yes, I know this was a while ago, but after I finished it I realised it would fit in this challenge!

These troll photos were taken by my dad on his recent trip (July 2012) and are known as the Trolls of Norway, the background is the countryside somewhere in Scandinavia - I don't know where...


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    Awesome! I love the complication and all there is to see, Jody - you are so talented and so artistic - I don't know how you come up with ideas but they are all just fabulous - I love this layout so much - adding to my favs although I would never be able to scrap lift!
    Such a unique page. I love all the trolls and the colors. It's a layout that really draws you in to try and find everything that is hidden.
    Fabulous layout. I have never heard of the Trolls of Norway but you have piqued my interest. I love how you arranged and manipulated those trolls into the world of the layout. To me it looks as though the two groups of trolls are meeting to impart the important message of caution above. The background of forest is all encompassing and love how it creeps up behind and to the top of the trolls. The dark sky is great and a feels a bit scary by nature of the message. Wonderfully creative!
    Very imaginative layout, Jode. Great quote for it, too.
    You definitely have not lost your touch! What a creative, amazing job!! Thanks for joining the challenge!
    I love this Jode and again - you excel! I really love your photo treatment - WOW... I also really like how you extracted and added the trolls to your page and your embellishments are amazing and so perfect! Your quote is just the best and really adds to your scene. I agree with Cherryllann - I don't think I'd want to find myself in this place - it's a bit scary looking. :o Wonderful layout! :)