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Here is my LO for Valerie.

Journalling: The kids always enjoy it when we take them to The Swannery in Abbotsbury. They love to see the swans with their cygnets, but they also enjoy the nature trails. They always have a competition to see who can spot the most animals.

June 2012

Supplies used:
Scrap Girls: Syndee Nuckles--Super 7 Happy Life, Super 7 Life is Sweet, Super 7 Sweet Life, SNU_SSEmbTmplt_ScatteredPictures_3_PSD, SNU_SSEmb_CurlTornFrms-4, SNU_SSPaper_QuickColl3-4Version2, SNU_SSTools_Styles_ButterflyShadow6301,
Collaboration--Refresh 2--SG_Refresh2_Emb_BVA_Brad-green1, SG_Refresh2_Emb_BVA_Brad-blue1, SG_Refresh2_Emb_BVA_Brad-purple,
Jan Ransley--JRA_HomeSweetHome_Emb_Envelope,
Sarah Batdorf--SBA_SSStyles_BasicShadows_6501,

Other supplies in EXIF

    Great colors you chose for these photos too
    Neat photos & lovely, bright colors. I like the design.
    I just love the large curled photo. Beautiful two pages with bright cheery colors.
    Super fun page! Love these photos and the bright cheery colors and papers :) Fantastic job!
    Oh, I'd love to see those swans! Great job on the clustering!!
    I love the photo you chose to be the focal one, It was my favourite of the ones I sent you. I love the curled frame and the flowers tucked here and there.