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Paris Sights, June 2, spread


© 2012, Barbara Crane, all rights reserved

Paris Sights, June 2, spread

Can you tell I love Paris? Oh, yes!

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JRA_Floralicious1_Emb_Petals4,5,6,7_blue, Petals4,5,6,7_pink JRA_Floralicious1_Emb_Photocorner
JRA_Floralicious1_Emb_Pleatedpaper JRA_Floralicious1_Emb_Tag_green
JRA_Floralicious1_Paper_pink2_Letter JRA_Floralicious1_Paper_purple_crumpled copy

    Wow, I sure can tell! Your two pages look wonderful together, but only one is on the MB right now so I'll have to go look up the second. Wonderful work, Barbara. :)
    Such beautiful photos Barbara! I have always wanted to go to Paris! Fantastic 2 pager:)
    You are making me nostalgic for Paris! The violet paper is oh-so-French and lovely. Our DS had the opportunity to go to Mass at Notre Dame, but DH and I just wandered through.