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Monday NUMBER Challenge

Monday NUMBER Challenge

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These are photos from Ava's second month WOW!

MRE_Nano_JulySS Bonus

    Oh, too sweet - so precious - love all of the snaps of Ava! She's a doll baby - I know Sawyer must be spoiling her rotten!
    Oh this is adorable, Shannon! I was just thinking that we haven't seen how Ava is growing and here she is! Such cute photos and I like how you framed them. Ava is so sweet and I can see big brother in her smile - she's growing to look like him, isn't she? Lovely layout! :)
    This is great, I particularly like the accomplishments section.

    I also need to catch up with my son's pictures and I had a quick look in the January folder last night and feel very intimidated, there are so many pictures that need to be sorted before I can lay them out.
    Cute Shannon! Love the list of accomplishments and all those sweet faces!
    She's so cute! Love the bulletin board look - it reminds me of the posters my sister still has in her hallway for her little one's first year.
    She is so cute -- I just want to give her a hug! I love the idea of all the snapshots. She grows right before your eyes, doesn't she? The dark background makes the photos pop, too. Sweet layout!
    Such a cute layout. Ava is just too adorable and the photos of her are wonderful. I really like the photo of her and her brother. So cute! Love the list of Ava's accomplishments.
    Sweet, sweet photos. I love the frame and the alphas across the top.