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My Hero - Monday 7 Sep Challenge

My Hero - Monday 7 Sep Challenge

BHA Not Guilty

Rich is my hero and my number ONE!


    Sara, this is GREAT!!!!
    What fun -- I love it! I especially like the "1" under the magnifying glass, but I'm also laughing out loud at your list.
    This is funny Sara! Love the way you made Rich the highlight and laughed at the list... I also like the 1 under the glass and the badge... well done! Good to see you scrapping instead of just leaving love, yay!!!
    LOL - LOVE the list! I too like the "1" under the magnifying lens and your husband's pose and smile - great page for a hero!
    What a great photo for a layout! I love your list...especially the Andy or Barney one! I love that collection, too. What a fun layout!
    Love that list of "What not to say..." so funny. Great photo of Rich in uniform and like the magnifying glass/#1. Great job!
    Sara, your DH looks good in his uniform. I love your list, it is hilarious. What a super fun layout.
    Sara, :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Pretty funny! I'll have to remember them if I'm ever stopped by a Police Officer. Cute layout and nice photo of Rich. Love the 'Are You Andy or Barney?' question. Great list and I love the magnifying glass.
    Lol love the humorous journalist. You're a lucky girl with such a hunk! Great layout
    Funny and really good. Great photo and love the "Things Not to Say" journaling!