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September 2012 ATC Challenge -- My Inheritance

Here it is ladies. The ATC that you have been waiting for. The photos are of my father and me and our noses. I used our baby pictures and pictures of when we were adults. Of course my Dad's photo of him as an adult was taken around 1937. My nose photo was taken last night by my sister Donna, who thought that I was nuts. I hope you gals get a giggle out of it.



Supplies Used:

DEB Fascination Collection -- Paper Turquoise Special, Alphas

CCR Fun Foursome Epoxy Alphas

VRA Batik Charlene's Insects -- Butterfly

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Brilliantgiggle_bear.gifgiggle_bear.gif, not sure where I get my nose from. Great photos and I love the alphas you used. I also love how you put your butterfly on your nose.

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I LOVE IT, Carol! :going-crazy: :going-crazy: What a cute and creative idea and wonderful sense of humor you have! Fabulous photo's and you know what they say, "only the nose knows" whose nose they inherited! :) :) :)

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