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Just Beginning (embellished)

This is the page after adding embellishments - all from Brandy Murry's "Grandparents" collection. It doesn't feel quite right to me. Any and all suggestions are welcome! TFL.

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This is beautiful Jo! I think the only thing I would change would be the color of the frames and the color the background page border. For the frames I would try a darker shade - maybe pick up the darker pink from the flowers or the pink from the word art? I would also try changing the red border to the color of the word art maybe? Even the way it is now, I think it's a wonderful page!


I just saw Charlene's post and I think her suggestion is good too!

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I like the layout as it is. Perhaps a little journaling would be nice. It's nice to read something, a sentence or two, even how you found the pictures, if you don't know much about them. You could mention where the rattle is now. The photos are absolutely adorable!

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Wow-what great photos Jo!! I really like the placement and layering of your photos and I like the pretty pink! Looks like you have some great suggestions. Thank you for participating!

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