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Just Beginning - 9/7/12 challenge

A collection of my baby pictures. None are dated on the back, although two are stamped by a photography retailer in El Centro, CA; we moved there from Los Angeles in late November of 1943, when I was four months old. It's entirely possible that Mother took pictures in Los Angeles, and developed them later; she may even have mailed them to her father who could have printed them in his home darkroom. So the date range I've included is pure guesswork.


When I thought I was finished, DH looked at the screen and said, "There's an awful lot of empty space." I like white space, but it did seem a bit much, so I fiddled around and added some ribbons and flowers - see next image. Opinions and recommendations are welcome.


Supplies, including embellishments for second page:


BMU_Grandparents_EMB_Flowers & ribbon;

BMU_Grandparents_Papers-Pink Rose, Pinkish, Poppy Red;

BMU_ShabbyBlanc_Paper-Ecru (hard light blend over Pinkish);

CVA_SSTools_Scripts: Rename Layer, SupplyTracker, File Save 1 (ret);

DEB_SSStyle_Pearl 5102-7;

EHI_SSStyle_Bevel 5401-2 (ret):


SBA_SSStyle_Basic Shadows;

Fonts: AL Libretto; Times New Roman

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