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She is so adorable and the colors in your layout really shine. Love how you included the journaling in the number 3 - ans totally loved your story, which is a bit evident from the very cute photo of her standing for the photo! The underwater theme is really fun and also love those chalked picture corners and sail boat.

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Very cute little girl. I am sure she will get a big laugh out of this someday! Clever to put your journalling in the number!!

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Poor sweetie, having to wear a fish outfit that was uncomfortable for her! But I agree with NewGram10, above: she'll get a good laugh out of it someday. And it's nice to have for blackmail when she's a teenager with boyfriends. :lol: She's adorable.


I love the deep turquoise of your background. It looks wonderful with the red fish suit. And I love your fishie embellishments. Cute idea, too, to journal inside the big 3.

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