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20120430 Beth April

20120430 Beth April

More random shots. The layout is based on a layout from another site and a layout I saved from the ScrapGirls newsletter and can't find in the gallery. If you know it please let me know so I can include a link. It is titled Day by Day May 11th 2008 and has 7 pictures including a cheetah and flower on a grey background.

1. Iíve chosen to wear trousers

2. Swimming class with Daddy
3. Playing in puddles
4. Dressing as a pirate for nursery
5. Using my new welly boots
6. Talking to Mimi during dinner
7. Trying out new sleeping arrangements



    Sweeet layout and adorable photo. I enjoyed reading your journaling, too. :)
    Great highlights and sweet photos.
    More lovely photos. I love the template and the background paper.