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20120419 Spread your wings

20120419 Spread your wings

More pictures of my daughter dressing up, but this time with her first costume at home. The layout is based on one of the one on this page in the boutique


You absolutely loved the fairy outfit Aunty Sophy’s god-daughter Kiera gave you. In fact you went a little crazy running and jumping.


MRE_PhotoBasics BW with color
MRE_PhotoBasics_Smart Glow

    Such a sweet page and I love that quote and even used it on my hybrid ATC! Sweet photos and I really like your larger one and beautiful blending. Magical page. :)
    She is gorgeous. I love that large blended photo. I think your blending is lovely. Great quote and journaling.
    Delightful! I love the quote and those adorable photos.
    I love how your blended photo is framed by the photo strip.
    Precious! What an adorable little fairy she is and I love the composition of your layout!
    That's a great quote & your little one looks adorable in that great fairy costume! Lovely blending, too - I like the stars & sparkles, so appropriate for your photos.
    Your large photo is magical - your daughter glows! And you blended it beautifully. I love the font you chose for the quote. Great layout!