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Tuesday 9-4-12 Freebie Challenge -- Count The Ways

Since the freebie was from ABR Count The Ways Collection, I decided to use part of the Poem 'Let Me Count The Ways' by Elizabeth Barrett Browning in the layout. The photos are of my kitty, Tini. I love him so much even he yowls at me at 4:30 in the morning for his breakfast. Okay maybe not exactly at 4:30 in the morning, but I do love him.



Supplies Used:

ABR Count The Ways Collection -- Special Yellow Paper

ACU Modern Love Collection -- Frame

EBA Courtship Collection -- Butterfly

KME Cupids Arrow Collection -- Frame

Poem -- Let Me Count The Ways by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

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Great layout Carol. Tini is beautiful. Great photos and I particularly like the one in the heart frame. I like how you listed the reasons why you love him so much too. Nicely done!

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What a cute little face Tini has! I'd love that sweet face too and I sure get being awakened early in the morning by my cat too - she demands that it's time to get up (and tells me when it's time to go to bed too) - I really like the photo of Tini in that sweet little heart frame and love your "let me count the ways" poem! Purrrrrr-fect!

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Tini is adorable! He seems like a good friend, even if he does want his breakfast at the crack of dawn. :D The freebie paper looks great with Tini's fur.

I like your idea of using the poem. Cute butterflies, too.

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Very clever use of the "Count the Ways" freebie and poem. Tini is a handsome animal - and I bet he knows that, too.

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Your photo is the heart is so cute. I love your journaling. The butterflies are so pretty and I like the freebie paper that you used. Lovely layout.

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