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Cute-check; Cuddly-maybe

I hadn't planned to join this challenge, until I saw these cheetah cubs on the noon news. Goggling the National Zoo-cheetahs brought up a whole list of pages with photos and information about the newest arrivals. Who could resist?


Supplies: primarily Shalae's zoo collection, with an alpha and some styles; details are in EXIF file. Thanks for looking!

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Great page Jo! Wonderful photos - they are so cute! I love all of the background papers and great title too. Thanks for taking part in the challenge!

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How adorable! I like the grungy background paper as well as the circular background and photo features. I like your journaling and title work, too. Great page!

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Wonderful photos! It's interesting to see how cuddly the cheetah kittens can look, then how fierce. They are defintely NOT house cats, LOL. I love the photo arrangement and the grungy background. Terrific layout!

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